Immunology Diagnosis & Management

Immunology Diagnosis & Management


Immunology is a broad branch of science that deals with all aspects of our immune systems, such as physiological functioning and malfunctioning in the instance of immunological disorders such as immune deficiency, transplant rejection and autoimmune disease.

How Immunology is Diagnosed

Immunologists perform state-of-the-art genetic testing, flow cytometry and cellular immunology studies in order to diagnose and monitor immunologic disorders.


Immunotherapy is the use of components of the immune system to treat disease. Immunotherapy is often time thought of in relation to the treatment of cancer and HIV but can also be used to treat those who suffer from other immune deficiencies.

How Immunotherapy Works

Immunotherapy works by stimulating one's own immune system to work harder/smarter. Man-made immune system proteins can also be given to make up for the components a compromised immune system lacks.