Financial & Insurance


The cost of an allergy evaluation will vary depending on your specific problem. Although it is impossible to know the exact charges in advance, we can give you a general idea of the cost before you are seen. Please feel free to talk to our receptionist regarding any financial matters.

For your convenience, we accept payments by cash, personal check, and Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express credit cards. We now accept Care Credit for your convenience.


For patients who have medical insurance, we will be happy to file for the initial visit if over $100, skin testing, lab evaluation, and summary conference appointment. For patients who have met their deductible, we ask that you pay your co-insurance amount (usually 20% depending on your policy). For patients who have not met their deductible, we ask that you pay your deductible and your coinsurance amount. To the extent that your insurance company reimburses us, we will either refund any overpayment or bill you for the balance. Please realize we extend this courtesy for your initial work-up only. Payment at the time of service is expected for subsequent visits unless prior arrangements have been made.

If you belong to a PPO, PPC, HMO, etc., with which we participate, co-payments and deductibles are expected to be paid at the time of service.

Please note: Itemized statements will be furnished upon request after full payment is received from your insurance company.

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